[FCE] The 2nd AutoCAD community service Club in 2022

Faculty of Civil Engineering organizes the 2nd AutoCAD community service Club in 2022.

With the main objective: “After graduating from 3-5 years, students majoring in Construction Engineering Technology will:

  1. become construction engineers catching up with the technology era with professional ethics, dynamism, and creativity;
  2. develop their capability of lifelong learning and self-training as managers”

In order to catch up with technology in this 4.0 era, starting from Cohort of 2017, Faculty of Civil Engineering boldly changes and orients students to learn new design programs such as REVIT, CIVIL3D, LUMION... according to the current BIM process in construction. Currently, FCE organizes a free AutoCAD Course for everyone who wants to learn about AutoCAD (both the students in the faculty and the community).

Classes are scheduled to take place from 6 pm to 8 pm every Monday.



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