Nguyen Ba Ngoc Thao, Msc


Employment: Lecturer, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Lac Hong University, Viet Nam


1. Improve the effectiveness of the construction project management activities of Dong Nai Land Development Agency, Journal of Science of Lac Hong University, 2021

Abstract: Currently, construction investment projects are popular models and affect the economy of our country. However, the construction investment still has many weaknesses; Over a long period of time, bad debt increased ... causing loss of state budget and becoming an urgent problem of society. Therefore, to manage a successful project it is necessary to have a specific plan to coordinate the project from start to finish in terms of time, cost, manpower, technology, quality. Stemming from these problems, the article has analyzed the current situation of the management of residential investment projects at Dong Nai Land Development Agency, proposing solutions to overcome the remaining weaknesses. exists in the unit.

Keywords: Project Management, Construction Investment Projects.

2. Research on correlation between elastic modulus and CBR index of roadbeds in Dong Nai province, Journal of Science of Lac Hong University, 2021

Abstract: Currently, the determination of the elastic modulus (E0) is mainly indirectly through the lookup table depending on the soil type and moisture content or using empirical correlation E0 = 7.93 CBR0.85 (MPa). With the richness and diversity of soil types as in Dong Nai, the application of the above measure to give value (E0) has low reliability. The reason is that different soil types will have different value (E0), which greatly affects the thickness of the pavement structure during the design process. The study has given a calculation method to build the correlation function between E0 = f (CBR) to determine E0 more accurately and apply the research results to indirectly determine the value E0 dong. The comparison with the lookup table depends on the density and humidity (relative) to determine the E0 value used in calculating the strength of the pavement structure.

Keywords: Elastic modulus, CBR index.

3. Determination of deep beam capacity using high strength reinforcement, Journal of Science of Lac Hong University, June 2020, pp 22-26.

Abstract: The purpose of the paper is to understand the properties of high-strength reinforcement and previous experimental results when using this new material to evaluate the applicability of this material in practice. Application of the method of Determination of deep beam capacity using high strength reinforcement according to ACI 318 (2005), Eurocode 2 (1992) by Strut and Tie (STM) method and comparing with existing experimental results to compare and evaluate the applicability of these calculation methods in the design.

Keywords: Deep beam,  High strength reinforcement, strut-and-tie method.

4. Evaluating effectiveness of using in situ-cold recycled asphalt concrete with cement and emulsions for motoway construction, The Transport Journal, September 2019, pp. 69-71.

Abstract: Based on the results of cold mix recycled asphalt using cement and bitumen emulsion in laboratory anh the results of perfoemmance life analysis foe rehabilitation methods using this cold mix recycled asphalt based on the mechanistic-empirical approach, this paper evaluated the economic and technical efficiency for using cold mix recycled asphalt in flexible pavement construction, as a basis to use widely in Vietnam.

Keywords: Cold mix recycled asphalt, cement, bitumen emulsion, mechanistic-empirical approach, performance life.

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