Le Huu Tho, Msc


Employment: Lecturer, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Lac Hong University, Viet Nam


1. BIM application for infrastructure and using Civil 3D for basic road design, Journal of Science of Lac Hong University, 2022.

Abstract: The article presents the application of BIM for infrastructure, applying Civil 3D to the design of basic road: Map aerial,  Alignment,  Profile, Assembly, Corridor and Compute materials

Keywords: Traffic BIM technology, compare Civil 3D with Nova, ADS.


2. Analysing and selecting appropriate pavement structure according to the three conditions of 22TCN 211-06, Journal of Science of Lac Hong University, 2021.

Abstract: In the paper presents the basic of calculation and determination of the pavement structure thickness satisfying three conditions of elastic settlement, shear strength condition, fatigue strength condition as specified in 22TCN 211-06. Analyzing and evaluation the nature of the formula for each condition to find the most beneficial thickness domain to minimize shear stress factor, destructive bending to incrase the life of the pavement structure, and evaluate the economical, locally available materials to choose from the lowest cost solution

Keywords: Thicknes of Pavement structure, Elastic modulus of pavement structure, Repeated bending fatigue strength, Stability shear layers asphalt concrete


3. The Reinforcement Of High Embankment By Geotextiles To Stability And Deformation Of Abument’s Pile, Journal of Science of Lac Hong University, 2020.

Abstract: The effect of high embankment on the abutment as well as the thick soft soil layer under the embankment to make the bridge abutment moved and deformed. For high embankment, bridge approach roadway, ... self-weight of high embankment and traffic load will cause movement and defomation of bridge abument. Typically, shear deformation will cause drag and compression areas in the soil. So, solution research reinforce stability of steep slope is essential..

Keywords: geotextile, geotextile functions, high embankment


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